Lesson One -Welcome Back, Fall

There has been a slight chill in the air this week that has reminded us that fall is almost upon us. This means many things for us here in the Natural State, for one it means that the 100+ degree days are behind us, two it means that football is in full swing, three it means that our Ozark Mountains are about to become a beautiful canvas of colors, and four it means that it’s time to start picking out Halloween costumes.

Lesson Two – Leon the Lender

This entire week we have been talking money and specific stories of how it can make situations more complicated than they need to be. The past two days we have been discussing the sub prime mortgage crisis and how greed was the the main cause behind it all. When I teach this lesson there is also one character in the story my kids fall in love with…Leon the Lender. This is a fictional character that is used to portray the lenders that were given out the risky loans to individuals that couldn’t pay them back…and making a lot of money by doing so.

Lesson Three – Picture Day is Coming

Next Wednesday is picture day…oh joy. This annual school tradition is still around and the smiles are just as cheezy and awkward as when I was in school.

Mr. McClung

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