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Its been a long day, getting a late start to my post for parents night. We had a great turn out tonight for parent’s night. For those not familiar with the Ancient Egypt Night, the sixth grade has been studying Ancient Egypt and the countries of Africa for a little over a month now. In this time they have done numerous activities that they have been keeping track of in an Ancient Egypt folder.

This week they culminated this project with museum night. In this museum students were given characters from various stories from Ancient Egypt time. These students then had to dress up and perform as WAX models in a museum. Keep in mind these students had to stand quietly and hold their positions while friends and family came through the museum. After this, the students went into the gym to perform a short skit from each one of their stories.

All of these students have practiced and researched their museum pieces for several weeks, and everyone of these students knocked it out of the park. Everyone of them did such a great job and all the sixth grade teachers could not be more proud. With that said, below are some pictures from this museum night. Everyone needs to check these out and see what an outstanding job these students did. Enjoy.

Mr. McClung

12 thoughts on “Sixth Grade Parent’s Night…..Ancient Egypt Night”

  1. It was brilliant that teacher was waving a stick! I guess that’s an example of Ancient Egyptian School Discipline! Movie s of the night ?!?!?

  2. The students had a great time acting this scene out. The boys enjoyed acting out the beating of the young scribes made mistakes….the old saying for this time was “a young man’s ears are on his back, if you beat him then he will listen”

  3. Ha ha ha, can I ask – in the USA what discipline can you use with modern day students?

  4. As far as serious discipline issues corporal punishment (paddling) is allowed IF the parents give permission. Also students can suspended from school all together, or serve in school suspension. However, I will bring the ruler idea to admin…..I think we might be on to something….;)

  5. Hi Mr mcClung's class. Looks as though you had a great night. I'm sure that the parents appreciated your efforts. My class is studying ancient civilisations at the moment.We've just visited the Ancient Egypt room at the South Australian Museum & followed the Egyptian plant trail at the Botanic Gardens. It was a very interesting day.

  6. Omg it was so fun,that night we all had a good time but the crocodile soup was nasty, and we all looked good on the pictures!!!!, well anyways i had fun!!

  7. Wow,you guys looked good that was cool i wish i could be there but i couldn’t so that’s to bad! and i hope you guys had fun that night!!!!! wonder how the food tasted exspecilly the crocodile soup thingy magiger LOL.

  8. The Ancient Museum parents night was so cool! It was a fun and enjoyable experince!

  9. It was sooo much fun being the statues. I didn’t even think I would last for one minute, but somehow I managed to stay still for most of it.

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