As of today, Mr. McClung’s class is officially streaming live all day. After a bit of a process and a little help from Mr. C, we are finally wired for video. If you’ll notice, our streaming video is located at the top right hand corner of the page. The feed will be coming from my classroom all throughout the day, enjoy and as always, feel free to comment!

Mr. McClung

4 thoughts on “ITS ALIVE!!!!”

  1. We’ve been having a big discussion over the whole live feeding thing in New Zealand its been very interesting to us.. with the time difference the only really practical time to watch is usually Saturday morning out time (thats Friday afternoon) but then you get that in New Zealand being a day ahead of the rest of the world! Will twitter this address out tonight!

  2. Wow? Mr.Mcclungs that is so cool having a viedo wacth the class.It’s like being in T.V so cool i wish i could be in tv i might be in tv some taday LATER?

  3. My mom is going to like being able to just go on the computer and see what I’m doing whenever she wants. Better be good!

  4. I’ll be on my best behavior…:P I am glad that she is going to use it, that is the whole point to make the connection between school and home!

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