Today we spent sometime plotting earthquakes. Each group of students were given 8 different earthquakes to plot on an transparency sheet (40 earthquakes total in the class). We used five groups plotting these points to help us develop a picture of where the majority of earthquakes occur.


The red on several of the maps indicates the areas where majority of earthquakes happen. We discovered that these red areas run along plate boundaries, most notably the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Friends from New Zealand, since you live in the Pacific Ring of Fire, our class was wondering if you can help us understand the amount of earthquakes that occur in your area every year? Also what it is like to be in an earthquake? Many thanks!

Mr. McClung

2 thoughts on “Plotting Earthquakes”

  1. We haven’t had any major earthquakes in New Zealand where damage has been done. We have them all the time but they’re usually very small. Mr Webb was in the last major one to hit the major centres – Bay of Plenty (Edgecumb) in 1987. Mr Webb was at school and raced to the window to see what happened instead of seeking shelter (disclaimer he was 13). Everything just shook.

  2. WOW!!! What an awesome experience to view your blog. It is soooooo full of information. I loved it. Third graders are reading a story about Volcanoes in their reading book.
    Sixth graders are GREAT!!!!
    Mrs. Polzer

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