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  1. Mr McClung!
    Nice tie. Its been fantastic to see this blog start to take off this year and looking forward to its continued development. In New Zealand we broke for our holidays yesterday and we will be back in February. There’s going to be a new class blog at my new school but it can’t start until the students turn up in February. Really looking forward to networking/working with you next year, thanks for your support and all the best to you and your students for the holiday season.
    Mr Webb and Room Six
    Tamaki Intermediate School
    Auckland, New Zealand.

  2. Thank you Mr. Webb, I do love that red tie so….
    Thank you so much for the holiday wishes, and look forward to working with you and your class next year! Enjoy your break…keep me updated!

  3. Yes I will do. I decided a while ago that I didn’t want to lose the audience that I had built up in the last eight months by not posting for six weeks so I have built up enough posts to keep going with my current site until I start another one at my new school. Have to move towns that will be ‘fun’… but looking forward to the challenge…

  4. ‘fun’ is the right word. I switched towns and schools this past summer so I understand. However that will be a interesting challage like you said, can’t wait to see how it turns out. All the best to you Mr. Webb.

  5. Tie Thursday? I’ve worn I tie like five times in my entire life. I have a new school, they’re really keen to be involved online and I can’t wait – no more one computer classroom for me!

  6. Very exciting Mr. Webb! About tie Tuesday….its all the rage in Noel, just ask Mr. C…ha! I’ll share pictures next semester.

  7. Well I had an interview at a new school earlier in the month – they had compulsory ties each day and I said well I would… not not at my new school!

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