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Much like Peter here, I have always dreaded paperwork. More specifically first of the year paperwork…..and as a teacher I have grown to despise first of the year paper work. The funny thing about paperwork is that it is ingrained in who a teacher is. Teaching = Papertrail. Teachers live for paperwork despite how much they may hate it, they do not know how to get by without it.

While this may be o.k. with some, I say no mas! With the new WordPress feature, that is made available through our new class blog, I decided to post my class rules and syllabus using a WordPress page. WordPress allows me to feature pages that are located at the top of the website that is represented by tabs. This eliminates the need for handouts and copies during my first day of class. This also provides several other advantages for myself and my students:

  • First of all it works out wonderfully because it saves me time in the copy room and I hope my students can appreciate the effort to keep extra papers out of their backpack.
  • Second, this provides an excellent resource for students and espically parents. By posting class rules on our class blog parents can access information about their child’s class whenever they want.
  • Lastly, this frees up class time that I would normally be spending time on reviewing rules and allows me to spend more time on topics that are meaningful.

You will also notice that I have several other WordPress located at the top of the page that include information about myself and all the classes I teach. Please feel free to browse through our rules and expectations that can be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page….8 days until school starts.

Mr. McClung

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  1. I have a wordpress blog! MIne isn’t as advanced..and I don’t post on it very much but I have one!

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