DSC00278It’s been a busy week for me, majority of my time has been spent in professional development meetings and very little time in my classroom. Finally today we received a ‘work in your room’ day…..which I desperately needed. Today I spent most of the day hanging bulletin boards, handling text books, organizing, hanging pictures, and testing out my cam and livestream. Below is a slideshow of the new look of my classroom. It has come A LONG WAYS since I first moved in. Please take a moment to view the slideshow, there are several features that I have added to my classroom including a blog wall with I am VERY excited about. Our blog wall will include push pins that represent our visitors from all of the world and a comment section.

I am currently working on new post to prepare for the first day, should be coming out of the works soon….in the mean time have a great weekend, only five more days (yikes).

Mr. McClung

3 thoughts on “Classroom….Finished (Almost)”

  1. Wow these photos give me a great idea of what the classrooms in America are like…….. They look just like they do in the movies.I really like the layout.How many pupils are in your classrooms.

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