Today marks a very special day, it is my first Tie Tuesday at Woodland Jr. High. For those not familiar, every Tuesday I wear a tie to work….this is in an effort to put the countless ties in my closet to use and to promote professionalism of course. This may seem like a very silly way to spend your Tuesday but like I always tell my students that there is not much they can count on when they come to school….but, they can always count of the fact that I will be wearing a tie on Tuesday. So, I would like to welcome everyone to join in on this weekly celebration and keep your eyes open for more Tie Tuesday updates in the coming weeks.

Mr. McClung

One thought on “Tie Tuesday….Woodland Style”

  1. I’ve missed tie Tuesday! I can see an international tie event in our future. Great to see you back up and running for your new school year. Can’t wait to work with you and your students as the year goes on.

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