We continued our class discussion today about solubility by holding our first class lab of the school year. Throughout the day my science classes tested the solubility of of several different substances. Pictured above are the materials that we used in our lab: burner, stand, timer, two beakers, thermometer, stirring and dropper. The materials that we tested are listed below:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Kool-Aid Mix
  • Crystal Light Mix
  • Artificial Sweeter

Students were asked to compare the solubility of these substances in room temperature water and heated water. Students would stir the substance into the water until the substance would dissolve. Students then recorded the data and we compared everyone’s results as a class. Below is a video of one group of my students performing their experiment.

Tomorrow we will continue our discussion about solubility as we compare and contrast the results of today’s experiment and continue to identify controls and variables in our lab.

Mr. McClung

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