Not only does music play a huge role in my everyday classroom instruction, but it is something that I take very seriously. As any of my current or former students will tell you, I always have music playing in my room and/or singing a particular song. I really believe that playing music sets a comfortable and inviting atmosphere…..which is crucial for a classroom. In addition, one thing that I have noticed among middle level students is that they take their music very seriously as well. It has now become common place to see students listening to their iPod/MP3 just to pass the time…..all the time, and they are very passionate about their music.

With these factors in mind I have decided to start a “Artist of The Week” segment in my class. Often when my students are writing notes or working in groups (busy work), I will play music for them.  I have decided to use this busy work time to feature a new artist to my students every week and play them a few songs while they work. This week’s artist is The Gaslight Anthem.

The Gaslight Anthem is a alternative rock band that hails from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Although they have only been together for two years, the band has already developed a large underground following.  Below is an MP3 of their track titled “The 59′ Sound”, I highly recommend that you give it a listen…..and keep your eyes open for next week’s artist of the week.

Mr. McClung

16 thoughts on “A Joyful Noise”

  1. Mr. C plays music also in class and it helps me concentrate on my typing pal work. I think what your doing is a good idea and i also bet your class likes the music you play. I like your choice of artist of the week.

  2. I also strongly believe that playing music during class helps us (the students) to concentrate on our work. It makes me feel relaxed and it makes me feel like I’m not being pressured so much!!

  3. I’m glad to hear that you take the time to pay attention to your middle aged students not many teachers do that. I’m also glad to hear that you also have a pation for music.

  4. I completely agree with you!Mr Chamberlain always plays music in the classroom and i love it. It helps me feel more relaxed and i usually Know the songs so its fun to sing along.I think your idea of having an artist of the week is wonderful!!

  5. Hey thats just like Mr.C he usually has some kind of music on when its quiet in class.I like it because it helps me concentrate when working.I can’t do homework with out music or tv on. I usually love the music that he plays because my mom listens to that kind of music it’s AWESOME!I thinks its a good idea to have an artist of the week that would be cool.You should keep it up.

  6. I agree with you. I think that music really does help students stay focused while working on projects, homework, & any thing else that they may be working on in your class.

  7. I agree that music does help you work better. I love listening to music. I usually prefer working with music being played. Mr.Chamberlain always puts on music…….AND ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think that its cool that you let the kids listen to music but you should let them here there ipods and mp3 because not all kids like the same music and some kids get frustrated with music.

  9. Your class is lucky. In our school we cant do that the only class we can hear music is in our computer lab. Music helps most of our students and teachers concentrate but most don’t like it.

  10. I think it is really fascinating that you put music for your middle aged students so that they can work better and have fun while they work on there work and not get frustrated.

  11. I think that your teaching method is great!!! I think more teachers should play music in there classroom environment. Most teenagers don’t want to come to school, they are forced to, but if they can come to school and listen to there favorite music why wouldn’t they come???

  12. My computer teacher plays music in fifth hour. He doesn’t always play music or songs that I know, but it gives me something to put my mind on. I still concentrate on my work but I’m not straining to be quiet and stay on my work. I have something to do therefore, I have no need to talk. I’ve heard music calms people down too. I’m not too sure about that. But I can tell you that for some people it does work. So… Keep doing it. I’m sure other people appreciate it.

  13. That’s pretty cool getting to listen to music in class! Do students get to choose the song and the artists that are played?

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