Today marked a weekly event (Wednesday) that was created by a former co-worker from Noel, Missouri. Comments4kids was originally started to encourage students to check out other students work through blogging. Students would do this by reading selected blog readings and simply leaving a positive comment for that particular class. In the past few months it has grown to large proportions and now encourages teachers and students alike to check out another class’ work (via blogging) and let them know they appreciate their work (via comments).

Above is a screen shot of the hits I was receiving today on my blog. All the hits from Missouri are students from my former school in Noel, Missouri. It is a great feeling to see some familiar faces stop by and leave us some encouraging comments…..and I would like to say THANK YOU. So, I would like to invite everyone to join in on #comment4kids next Wednesday and leave an encouraging word.

Mr. McClung

One thought on “#comments4kids”

  1. There are many benefits for our students (as well as teachers) with the comments4kids program. Students get to practice their writing (and keyboarding) skills using authentic learning experiences. They also get to be exposed to new cultural experiences like the haka Mr. Lamshed’s class is working on. They get to encourage other students all over the world. Honestly, Wednesday is a very,very busy day for me but I think it is also the most rewarding as well.
    Mr. C

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