During school today, like many schools across America, our school took time to view President Obama’s speech on education (video above). While many may disagree with his speech (one way or another), there is no denying that many of the points that were made were valid….and many of those same points have been rattled off from teachers for years. With that said, I feel that there were several points that are worth mentioning again at this time. So here we go…..

  • Wash Your Hands

Ahhhh….yes. My mother would approve Mr. Obama. While This comment may seem a bit humorous, it is still a very important (and practical) point to make. Every parent and school teacher knows that the start of the school year also means the start of flu season. It is very important to take care of yourself during this season….and you can take care of others by WASHING YOUR HANDS!

  • Failure is Okay

This is a hard concept for students to understand. Obama mentioned the often over stated fact that Michael Jordan did not make his varsity basketball team. This is a statement that I have heard a billion times, but it still holds a good message. Students need to be taught that life is not 100% successful all the time. However, how we rebound from failures and short comings is how we define ourselves….and it is what gives us strength to try again. Failure provides practice for success.

  • It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Many students have the misconception that they are suppose to understand every assignment the first time…..WRONG. Not everything is clear the first time around and not everything comes easy. These are the times to ask for help…..many think that asking for help shows a sign of weakness, when in fact it shows strength and determination to be successful.

  • Do Your Part

This is a point that I hammer into my students on a constant basis. No matter what your future profession is, you will be forced to rely on others and they the same. This is when it becomes important to pull your own weight….or do your part. In order to be successful it is important for others to know they can depend on you when the time comes.

Mr. McClung

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