Today marks our monthly club day at Woodland Junior High. In an effort to produce a learning communities in which every student has a sense of belonging, we have created a club day. Students were given nearly 30 clubs to choose from and signed up for what they were most interested in. These clubs include music writing, film, card games, photography, jump roping, ping pong, yoga, and weight training….just to name a few.

Myself and two other teachers are sponsors for the photography club, so with that in mind I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures. The slideshow above includes a few of my favorite shots that either I or my wife have taken. These pictures include simple point and shoot, slow shutter speed affects, portraits, nature, and object pictures.

Mr. McClung

One thought on “Club Day”

  1. These are beautiful pictures. I think its awesome that you all have a club day. Its a good way to hand students opportunities to become talented in their areas of interest. Plus extra activities give everyone something to look forward to and that alone can boost a students desire to be productive. Go Mr. McClung!!

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