eduThe Edublog Awards is an annual event where teachers around the world nominate their favorite educational bloggers and instructors. The Edublog Awards are a way for teachers to share the love to other teachers and recognize the hard work they put in every year. Listed below are my nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards:

Best educational use of video/visual – Room 8 @ Melville Intermediate
Best class blog – Mr. C’s Class Blog
Best resource sharing blog – The History Teacher’s Attic
Best group blog – SMS Guys Read

I would like to invite everyone to make their own nominations. Taking a few minutes to recognize someone you really admire in the educational community really means a lot to that person you nominate.

Mr. McClung

2 thoughts on “2009 Edublog Awards”

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination for our page, I will share this with the students from our class tomorrow (Monday) in New Zealand, they will be thrilled, and I would wish you the best of luck with your nomination for Best Class Blog, as nominated by WM Chamberlain from MrC’s Class Blog – warmly deserved!

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