Lección Uno – Finals Week

This week wraps up our last “normal” week of the first semester. The following week will be our be our finals week (testing), which will mark the end of the first semester. So get ready for those long nights of cramming to prepare for your exams and don’t forget to use your study guides!

Lección Dos – Skyping w/ Mr. Webb’s Class

Earlier this week my 7th hour science class took a timeout from our midterm review to have a Skype conversion with Mr. Webb and his students from New Zealand. While this conversion had absolutely nothing to do with science this was still a very “teachable moment”. Our students learned about schools and cultures of people from New Zealand and even got a chance to show off their pipes while singing our National Anthem. This was the first time that any of my students had the opportunity to have a Skype conversion in class and we are really hoping that we Skype again with Mr. Webb and hopefully connect with other classrooms around the world to have a similar experience.

Lección Tres – Keep It Funky

befunky_artworkOne week ago, we had our monthly club day. Meaning that I got a chance to work with my photography club students. I introduced my students to a website called BeFunky.com, which is a website that is used to add effects to your pictures, similar to the cartoon picture seen above. BeFunky is a very useful website for making new creations from your old pictures and is fun for both students and teachers alike.

Lección Cuatro – The Hits Keep Coming

moscowWhen we arrived at school today we received a very pleasant surprise. All semester long my students have been longing to garner a hit from Russia so that we can mark it off our “hit list” (new countries that visit our blog)  and today we actually received two new hits from two new countries to our class blog, Russia & Omen. My students are geeked up about our blog acquiring this type of global attention and look forward to marking more countries off our hit list in the future.

Mr. McClung

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