Lezione Uno – Looking a lot like Christmas

The Lights of The Ozarks located in Downtown Fayetteville, AR

After a long week of mid-term testing winding down, finally Christmas is almost upon us. For us here at school this mean that we have a well deserving two week break to look forward to. During this break I’m going to be looking forward visiting with family, exchanging gifts, playing LOTS of Call of Duty (gamertag: Mister McClung), watching a Christmas Story at least 5-6 times, and eating enough holiday sweets to send myself into a sugar induced coma. Happy Holidays everyone!

Lezione Due – Understanding Propaganda

This past week, my students took some time to analysis Propaganda that was used by the Nazi Party during World War II. Students focused on the tactics used by the Nazi Party, such as name calling, bandwagon, and generalities. Students studied a variety of different posters, photos, films and groups that were used to persuade a the German Nation during these times. In addition, students were asked to reproduce a piece of propaganda that included an abstract describing what their piece of propaganda was and how it was used.

Lezione Tre – When in Rome

Oh wait, did I mention that I’ll be spending my Christmas on a plane in-route to Rome, Italy? That’s right, your boy, and his wife, are leaving Arkansas for the Christmas break to spend a week in Rome. I can’t express to you how excited I am about this opportunity and I’m sure that I will have plenty of pictures to share when I return. See you next semester (January 4th) and until then, Buon Natale!

Mr. McClung

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