Lesson One – Show Me Your Grill


This is my third year of teaching middle level students, and one thing that I have noticed is that as I work with younger students I tend to inherit the behaviors that they display…which would explain my often immature behavior. More recently I have found that I’m not only exhibiting the same behavior but I’m also starting to display the same physical characteristics as well….especially in the dental department.

In an effort to recapture my lost childhood and fix my crazy teeth, Tuesday my orthodontist hooked me up with some sweet braces. While it is the norm for 14 year old students to wear braces, it’s not so normal for 24 year men to do so. The pain from my braces combined with the hazing I receive on a daily basis from my friends has not made this a pleasant experience so far, but it has to be done…..it’s gonna be a long 15 months.

Lesson Two – Splitting the Atom

DSC00555This week we have spent quite a bit of time looking at the atom and the various atomic theories that have been derived throughout years. Currently students are researching the many different atomic theories and their founders using a variety of resources. Students will wrap up this work in the next few days by creating a poster board using Glogster.

Lesson Three – Glogging

This week I have introduced to all my science and social studies students a web took called Glogster. Glogster allows you to create an online poster board with a variety of creative designs, images, text boxes, and much more. The best thing about Glogster is that they provide an educational website that is school safe. All of my students will be continuing editing their Glogsters for the next couple of days to complete their projects. If you are looking to do a poster board project in the near future with your students, or if your looking to just create something fun I would highly recommend checking our either Glogster or EDU Glogster.

Mr. McClung

13 thoughts on “Lessons Learned”

  1. was up missta ilike ur new blog and the laptops everyone wants u too com by………. have a good day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and by the way im not getting in trouble alot now see☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

  2. Hey MR.Mcclung ur blog is pretty cool i wish u were here to show us how to do that u were the coolest teacher we ever had i miss all the fun things u did with the 6th grade i hope u remember me form 6th grade and i hope u never forget us MR we really miss u please come back MR miss u…………………… so much love blanca.

  3. Hey Mr.Mcclung its me David Leflett from 6th grade last year by the way Glogster could be a great way to show my mom what my science fair project looks like. If ypo are wandering what it is it is an electric genarator and thanks for the information about Glogster.

  4. Hey Mr.McClung, I’m diggin’ the braces dude. I got mine last year during summer break. We should get lunch some time (If you can eat solid food yet.)

  5. whats up Mr.mcclung this is Keith Tweedy from noel Junior High how have you been.Just if you would like to know I’ve been keeping Grades up in all my classesIhave to go bye.

  6. Hey whatsa happend witch you its me Austin G whats goin
    on down there. Just wanted to say hi so I gotta go Bye!

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