With only 9 days remaining until the race for the cure here in Northwest Arkansas, this week we have stepped out game up for these last few days. Earlier this week I sent out a “call to arms” for all my students and their parents help us out with our fundraiser. The document shown above is the one that I e-mailed out to all my parents last week and sent home with all my students earlier this week. This letter was designed to help us push on through to our goal of $1,000 and have a strong finish at the end of next week.The push to get more involvement from parents and students also has a direct effect on our class competition and the “Day of The Shave”. My students have been immersed in a class competition for the right to shave my head during class on the Wednesday the 21st. As of now, with 6 days remaining until we crown the champion of our class competition the standings look like this…

First Place – 3rd Period with $420
Second Place – 4th Period with $175
Third Place – 5th Period with $135

While it doesn’t look like there is much a competition going on right now, considering the commanding lead that 3rd period has, there is a second place prize. The winning class will shave my hair into their desired style, and the second place team will finish the job by shaving whatever little bit of my hair remains, thus leaving me bald.

The updates will continue as we move closer towards our goal and the race for the cure…so if you are planning on donating, HURRY UP AND DO IT ALREADY!

Mr. McClung

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