bald 1The day is finally here…after over a month of me talking to no end about The Race for the Cure and the day of the shave finally arrived today. My students have been immersed in a fundraising effort for over a month with all of the money that they raise going to Susan G. Komen for The Cure. However, we added a little competition to make the fundraising a little bit more entertaining…each one of my classes have been competing for the the right to shave my head…and today that day came. That’s right! Today was the “Day of The Shave”.

Displayed in the picture above is my poor misshaped head after phase one of my day of the shave experience. The way that it worked was the second place class got first dibs on my head and were allowed to shave only the top portion…and that was the extend of the rules that were given to them. As you can see, they had a field day with this and decided to make my hair resemble something that would be more accustom for a Hair Club for Men client.bald 2The wonderful mug shot above shows phase two of my bad hair day. After the second place team was finished with my hair, I then wore around the ‘horseshoe haircut’ for two periods until the winning class (5th period) arrived in my classroom. They were then saddled with the chore of shaving what was left of my hair and having a little bit of fun in the process.

Overall it was a wildly success fundraiser and a wonderful way to celebrate the excellent accomplishments of my students. As a group, myself and my students were able to raise nearly $1,500 that has now been donated to Susan G. Komen for The Cure. There will be a few more blog post to follow this one in regards to The Race for The Cure, which will include video of my head being shaved and a final wrap-up post giving a proper thank you to all those that have helped us out. So stay tuned and I hope every enjoys the pictures.

PS – while I may be bald there is still a silver lining to this whole story…at least my bald head is not as ugly as some other bald teacher I know…

Mr. McClung

32 thoughts on “The Day of The Shave”

  1. Wow Mr.McClung I hope you enjoy your new hair style.haha 😛 Anyway it’s nice to know that you did this for a good cause. Your class is lucky because they got to shave your head. LOL! Nice.

  2. HA! Thats funny! I cant beleive you made the deal to shave you head. It looks funny in the first picture, but in the second picture it looks pretty cool. I miss you. You are an awesome teacher.

  3. SWEET ACTION! I think i want to do this too, at least it’s for a good cause.
    P.S You make it work!

  4. You look wierd bald. But I think it was a good idea since their kids and think it’s very cool to shave their teacher’s head. Kids will do anything to get back at their teacher and this proves it.

  5. Wow….. Worst haircut Ever, I agree with Ricky you do look like a Criminal.

  6. HAHAHA You look funny and you look like a criminal and I hope that you enjoy your new hair style.:p 🙂

  7. It looks weird (0o) sooooo weird well i guess your goona have tget ~ use to then Mr.McClung, and umm… i feel sorry for you! haha

  8. Hey im not going to make fun of you cause my mom shaved my head too. =[ I learned i have like a huge bump in my head, its HUGE. Well good thing you did it for a good cause, that’s the important thing here. Well talk to you on here or on facebook. SEE YA!!!!

  9. OMG…….I don’t know what to say, it is so funny to see you bold no e fence Mr.McClung.But at least you did it for something important.

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so funny u look different i can’t stop laughing at your head HA HA HA HA HA…LOL but its ture your hair looks better then the bald teachers

  11. Wow! I can’ believe that they would actually do it.Anyways I read why you guys did it I think you were the best science teacher in the world.Also you look cool without your hair.

  12. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! that does not sound like Mr. mcClung ha ha just kidding…….Man, that class was lucky they actually got 2 shave your head and aren’t you pretty embarrassed to take a picture like that??? O and by the way u look “kinda” good in that hair cut=)

  13. OMG!!!!
    Mr. McLung…what happened to your hair???!!!
    Why didn’t you do that when you were here?
    but your looks good i guess….

  14. Oh my gosh!!! You look really weird bald! At least is was for a good cause, and not just for no reason whatsoever. That would be REALLY weird.

  15. I think it was cool of you to let your kids shave your head if they win and the winners should be proud that they raised so much money.

  16. You are a very brave man and I am impressed, you really know how to engage your students in learning and caring. Well done.

  17. MAAANNN!!!!!!!! i like it cuz it was for a very good cause.L.O.L!!!!!WELL that’s wat imma do LOUGH OUT LOUD!!!!=)HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA=)

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