With The Race for The Cure being tomorrow, I felt like it was important to write a finale blog post giving proper thanks to all those that have helped us reach the total of $1,511 that has been donated to Susan G. Komen for The Cure. First of all I need to recognize our parents that have helped us reach our fundraising goal:

Amanda Taylor-Koch
Andrew Cozart
Patti Latta
James Hartz
Johneese Adams
Leanne Dunn
Ian Radcliffe
James Latta
Ann Rosso
Sue Nefzger
Kim Renner
Ronda Hardgrave
Tristan Serio
Susan Barad
Spencer Armstrong

When I first decided to follow through with this fundraiser, I was a little bit hesitant about it because I was unsure of what type of support I would receive from parents. However, I had no reason to worry at all because my students parents responded in an impressive way. Thank you to all the parents involved.

Next up, I need to recognize a group of awesome students that really stepped up to the occasion. This group of students answered my call to arms and responded with a positive attitude and a giving attitude:

Lafayette R.
Russell L.
John T.
Joe S.
Lauren L.

Duk D.
Mason A.
Lindsey R.
Harvey R.
Julia H.
Ashley J.
Hannah R.
Zander A.
Jared C.
Maddie S.
Masa K.
Emma K.
Jack A.
Luke R.
Rachel H.
Harper H.
Julie F.
Kelly N.
Kyra S.
Raven H.
Brianna B.

While these students did an awesome job, there is still one more student to recognize that stands out above them all. Andie Mac is a student in my 7th period science class, while you will not find her name on our team list for the race, she has still done something really awesome. After learning that I planned on creating a team for the race, she immediately decided that she wanted to create her own team. Her team that she created as raised $170 on their own. She has been fully committed to this cause and her work has been very impressive and I’m definitely very proud of her work. Well done Andie.

Lastly, I need to recognize my friends and family for helping out with this fundraiser.

Ruth Lorenz
Dr. John Strange
Maridee Hargus
Holly Dayberry
and of course my wonderful wife, Chandra McClung

Putting all the head shaving and all the games that we have associated with this fundraiser, at the end of the day the most important thing is that were were able to raise $1,511 for an organization that is very deserving and I am so proud of the positive response I received from parents, students, teachers, friends and everyone else involved in this process…and the fact that we were able to raise that much money is pretty awesome, and I have to give thanks to Jarrod Lamshed for motivating me to follow through with this whole experience.

So once again, thank you to everyone involved.

Mr. McClung

3 thoughts on “Fundraising Finale”

  1. Nice work everyone, that is awesome!!!
    Kim Park
    K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator
    Fayetteville Public Schools

    1. Ms. Park! Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment….we really appreciate it.

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