aff_3C_HWith only two days left until we close out our fundraiser for Susan G. Komen, it looks like we will be ending with a full head of steam. At this point in our fundraiser we are already $100 within striking distance of the amount that was raised by my students last year and there is a great chance that we will finish with a higher dollar amount than the $1,500 raised last year. Also, at this point last year it was basically a two horse race with only two classes really competing for the top spot in our fundraising competition, but this year it is anyone’s game. Right now we have 5 different classes that have a legit chance of winning the competition in the final days. Wednesday will be the last day that we will collect donations for our fundraiser which means we will crown our winner on Thursday and on Friday the winning class will get to shave my head…the things I do for education.

Mr. McClung

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