Blog WallBefore and after of our blog wall.

As we conclude our school year, it is yet again time to take a look back at our school year in review. This year we have really stepped up our game when it comes to blogging; in these year alone we saw our blog gain over 20,000 hits and begin to receive more and more notice for our work. We have had hits from all around the world (as indicated by the push-pins on the map, but none are more important than all of the hits we have received from Northwest Arkansas as more people in our community take notice to our work.Wall of FameBefore and after of our classroom Wall of Fame.

It was also a great year for student achievement as well. As you can see by our wall of fame there were no shortage of exemplary work by our students. Year after year I’m impressed with what each group of students has to offer as they continue to blow me away in various ways.
Road ScholarRunner of the Week Reward from cross country…a really sweet tank top.

I also had many new and exciting challenges this year and the biggest one has to be being the head cross country coach. This year we were able to take our team from less than 15 members total to 50 students on roster for next season. We had a decent year this last year but we are definitely looking forward to having an exceptional year in the 2011 season.

raceOur Race for the Cure team shirts form the past two years.

Lastly, this years group of students have definitely left behind a legacy of being selfless and giving. This year we held our annual fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and we did it up big…students this year were able to crush their goal of $2,000 and far surpass the group from the last year with a total of 3,300 dollars.

Next years group of McClungters will have their work cut out for them in many regards as they will be filling the shoes of some excellent students. I will for sure miss each and everyone of my students from this past year and I can easily say that this has been my best year of teaching yet…thank again.

Mr. McClung

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