On my end of the year surveys this year I asked my students for feedback about what was their favorite lessons and memories from the past school year. This was a long and varying list that left me with some obvious student favorites and a few surprises. So I compiled a list of six of my students favorite lessons/memories…why six? Cause it’s my blog and I do what I want. Enjoy.

The McClungs

McClungsOf course our annual end of the year celebration made it on the list of favorites. Each year the McClung Awards Ceremony culminates our school year as we have a faux awards ceremony for silly and goofy awards that I make up for my students.

Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis

poolThis one is quite possibly the biggest surprise of the our top seven list. Back in the fall we took some time to study the recent sub prime mortgage crisis and the recession that our country has been in…and we did so by listening to public radio and discussing economics. To my surprise my students responded well to this assignment and really enjoyed it.

Stock Market Challenge

stocksAbout a month ago we took sometime to talk about the Great Depression and I thought it would be a good idea if my students actually were able to play with the stock market in order to understand the concepts that go into investing.

Jim Crow

JimCrowWaterFountainsWe spend A LOT of time talking about the history of race relations in Arkansas and in the south in general. One activity that my students really enjoyed was learning about Jim Crow laws and studying specific court cases that pertained to these laws.

Propaganda and WWII

PC070005One of the favorite activities in my class year after year is when we study WWII and the advanced methods of propaganda that the Nazis would use. In this lesson my students studied specific pieces of propaganda and were asked to reproduce them in a drawing.

Day of the Shave

Class PictureAnd of course we have the Day of the Shave. The Day of the Shave was the culmination of our 5 week long fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure in which my winning class got the opportunity to shave my head.

Mr. McClung

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  1. Hi Mr.McClung,
    This is Katherine Litaker. I think it will be interesting to learn about the propaganda and WW2. Are you going to do the Susan G. Komen fundraiser and let the winning class shave your head again?

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