Yesterday I assigned my students homework on their first day of school…their homework was to visit my website and leave a comment. Pretty straight forward and not a highly difficult assignment. Today in class I introduced to my students to the blog wall. The blog wall is a bulletin board in my classroom that is dedicated to our class blog. Every time I receive a comment on my website, just like the ones that my students left for me last night, I post it on my blog wall. I also like to put push-pins on the map to indicate where we are receiving hits from…in other words, who is checking out our work. This wall is a living project and will continually be updated throughout the school year.

Mr. McClung

One thought on “The Blog Wall”

  1. Hey,
    I’m a 6th grade teacher on the island of Guam. I’ve working on my blog and I came across your website. I think it’s great! Thanks for giving me some ideas for my students.

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