P8180013Let’s be honest, my classroom can be a bit over stimulating. I tell my students all the time that the decorations I use in my classroom are the same ones that I would use if I was ten years old and lived in tree house. I opt for items that are going provide character rather than provide a educational purpose. With that in mind I thought I would take some time to explain, over the course of a few blog post, what purpose all the random items on my walls serve.

First up is the jersey wall…this started sometime last year because I had a collection of jerseys that I had used in the past and didn’t know what to do with them. So I decided that I would hang a few in my room for decoration. These jerseys included mostly ones that I had collected from different countries I had visited and were mainly from soccer teams. As I started to add these jerseys to my walls my kids started to get the idea that I really loved jerseys and decided to start donating old jerseys to hang up.P8180023This became a very common occurrence and before I knew it I had more jerseys than I knew what to do with. I had received club and national jerseys from students that included England, Spain, Mexico, Germany, US, etc. It is awesome because through the effort of my students, we have been able to transform our jersey wall into a massive display by donating some gear from their favorite teams. It’s a great way to build better relationships with my students and allows them to have part ownership of our classroom as well.

As of today,  I now have two walls in my room that are covered in jerseys. These jerseys include soccer, football, baseball, track, basketball, and even t-shirts from our fundraiser event last year. The jersey wall is very much alive and continues to grow…and we are also accepting donations.

Mr. McClung

14 thoughts on “Interior Design Talk – Jersey Wall”

  1. Wow mister I remember when we use to were are jersey every Friday We miss you please come back no one will never be better then you lol have a great day.

  2. Wow i don’t want to make it seem so creative, but that is something creative. Collecting your own jerseys? It’s something a little new.

  3. Wow!!! That is really cool. Looks like it took you like months to accomplish that. That is really creative. I would never think about that. Well keep up the cool designs.

  4. That is so cool!!!I wish we could do that in our classrooms, that is a awesome way to decorate you’re room, because you have different kinds of T-shirts.!! That is so COOL!!!

  5. WOW… I like how you decorated your room!!! The jersey shirts are really nice and its very creative!!

  6. wow i woul like to be in that room i love the jerseys in your room.i don,t know you this is my first year here. your jerseys are vthe coolest thig ever i bet every one loves it

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