In our school we have had many discussions about the high cost of making copies and how to tackle that cost as a school…I’m sure that this conversation is not exclusive to Woodland but it is one worth discussing. While I do my fair share of coping I try to reduce the amount of paper I use in class on a regular basis.

So…this is what my room looks like on a test day. Normally giving a test takes a lot of paper and effort with the making of test copies, use of scantrons, and the manual grading as well. In my class we use a program called Examview. This program allows me to give test over our school network and requires no paper and requires little manual grading for me.

I really enjoy using the program because it makes my life a whole lot easier as a teacher and it provides instant feedback to the students. While there are some draw backs…such as the cost of the program, the availability of technology, and the fact that some students are very accustomed to taking test on paper, overall I think it is the best method for taking exams.

Mr. McClung

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