Lesson One – The Brownie Project

For over a month now, my AVID students have been working on a top secret project that was finally executed today. Students went door to door in our school thanking each member of our staff for all that they do for our school and greeting them with a cup of coffee and a brownie. This project was a huge hit among all our teachers and staff and the kids pulled it off perfectly. Very proud of all of them.

Lesson Two – Rapping is Tough

This week we finished our unit on the reformation time period with a project which required my students to write a song about the reformation. Many of my students decided that they wanted to write their song in the form of a rap…however, many of my kids find out that trying to rap about the reformation would prove to be a tough task. While many of the raps were good, several of my students said that they really struggled trying to write lyrics, make it historically accurate, and flow together nicely.

Lesson Three – Give Thanks

My 4th period students making hand turkeys.

We will not be in school next week as we take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday…so don’t come to school, cause I won’t be here. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

Mr. McClung

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