Lesson One – Christmas Shopping

This is usually the time of year when I start to become very stressed out. I hate shopping, and specifically I hate shopping for my wife. I rarely get it right and I spend a lot of time picking out that item. Today in class I’m going to so something a little bit different, I’ve decided to lean on the girls in my classes to help me pick out a present that is more likely to make a good Christmas present. Keep your fingers crossed.

Lesson Two – Modesty is the Best Policy

This past weekend our high school team beat Bentonville High School in the 7A Arkansas State Championship. It’s worth noting that Bentonville was heavily favored to win after beating Fayetteville handily in the regular season. The Bulldogs pulled off the win in overtime by one point, and this has caused some noticeable friction between our two cities…just like last night when someone decided it would be a good idea to congratulate the FHS team at the Woodland basketball game. Two problems with that, one our high school team wasn’t present and two we were playing Bentonville’s junior high squads. I’m sure there were not hard feelings from the Bentonville side.

Lesson Three – XC Lock-In

“You’re either crazy or brave”, is the line that has been said to me a number of times when I inform people that I will be hosting a lock-in for my 45 cross country students. Next weekend we will be having a lock-in and competing in a variety of competitions. Should be fun, updates will follow.

Mr. McClung

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