Lesson One – Finals Week

Today is the official start of finals week for us here at Woodland, which means that this semester is mercifully coming to an end. From now until next Wednesday students will be doing all the last minute cramming they can before their finals and then they get some down time for the holidays.

Lesson Two – “You Were Fat!”

For some reason this week I decided to pull out my old high school yearbook and show it to my students. I guess I take for granted the fact that I have changed quite a bit since I was in high school but the kids were really blown away by this. In high school I weighted 330lbs and now I weight about 240…needless to say there is a visible difference. But all the fat stuff aside, kids really think there is something cool about looking at old year books. I’ve seen this with several teachers, but when they bring in their old yearbooks kids really light up. Not sure the reason why, but I suppose maybe it’s because it’s fun to see what grown-ups looked like during the most awkward years of their life.

Lesson Three – Happy Holidays

The Lights of the Ozarks in Downtown Fayetteville.

As I stated before, Wednesday will be our last day of school for the semester…meaning that this will be our last Lessons Learned of the semester. When we pick back up next semester we will be starting Arkansas History and it will be a totally different game…but until then, enjoy your holiday break.

Mr. McClung

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