Lesson One – The Sneetchs

Today we are gonna do things just a little bit different. As oppose to the normal 3 or 4 lessons we have each week, this week we have only one…but it’s a big one. Today in class took the time to read to my students my favorite Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches. This book is a classic example of the harms of discrimination from one group of people to another. In this book the Sneetches that have stars on their bellies are essentially the “haves” and those without stars are the “have-nots”.

I like to read this book to my students are this time of year because of the fact that we are about to enter a 3 day weekend as we celebrate MLK Day on Monday. I think it’s very important to realize that over generations, the meanings behind holidays tend to get forgotten and eventually become less important. My message to the kids was that the lessons we learned about ourselves from the civil rights movement are too important to forget. It’s important that we never forget were we came from as a country and continue to build upon the work of the leaders from that time period. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Mr. McClung


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