Lesson One – I Hate Politics

It’s political season again…don’t look so excited. While some people really get amped up for the presidential election I really have a hard time doing so. I’m not a fan of the attack ads, two-faced candidates, mud-slinging, and just the entire politics of the entire process. I stumbled across the video above a few years ago and I feel like it really embodies exactly how I feel about the whole political process.

Lesson Two – Pop Sensation…Camryn

The circus has officially come to town. Today we had an aspiring artist pop sensation come to school today to perform during lunch. Needless to say this caused quite the commotion among the students today and dominated much of the conversation at school…which makes it real easy to try and teach Arkansas History. However, it seemed like the kids did have a good time and that is truly all that matters.

Lesson Three – Vilification

Speaking of mud-slinging and attack ads, I was the victim of such attacks earlier this week. My students were asked to create a poster/pin/sticker for an ad campaign for a fictional or real person. One of my students, Mr. Wagstaff, decided to pick me as the target of his smear campaign. He took a ad slogan from the 1964 presidential election and used me as the center-piece for this ad…oh yeah, and did I mention that he distributed stickers for everyone in the class as well? Well…he did. Despite the fact that I have been exposed for being nuts, I still got to admit that it was a brilliant submission for this assignment.

Mr. McClung

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  1. Yessssss! I have finnaly been imortalized within the internet. I accomplished my ultamate goal for that project!

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