Lesson One – Three Cheers for Technology

This has been a terrible week for technology in my classroom. I decided that this week would be a great time to start a class project using a website called Glogster, however I didn’t plan on the entire project going to garbage. What should have been a 2-3 day project has now turned into a 6 day ongoing project…issues with the website, school network, and everything else in between really put a halt to our progress. I’m usually very big proponent of technology in the classroom, but this is one week I wished I would have just stuck to the textbook.

Lesson Two – China…You Should Go

This week I have been preaching the good word about our 2013 spring break trip to China. We are working with a group called EF Tours and planning on taking a group of students, from Woodland and Central Jr. High (Springdale), to China for what should be an awesome trip. So far we have had a great response from our students have have already filled about 25 spots filled and the remainder are filling up quickly. If anyone is still interested in go on the trip, I would suggest getting your name quickly before the trip is fully booked.

Lesson Three – Once Again, I Hate Politics

If only we still had Herman Cain.

My political leanings tend to be toward the apathetic side more than the left or right. I try not to get caught up in either sides of the debate, I like to look at both sides and simply spectate the circus that typically ensues. However, this week I decided to try my hand with discussing political topics…I mean the Daily Show makes it look so much fun, right? However, I now realize now that I don’t have the chops with grown-ups with it comes to politics. After listening to debates this week and trying to engage in a few myself, I have been left very jaded. I know now that I don’t belong and never will belong when it comes to debating with grown-ups. In other words, I have experienced my political threshold and now I wish I could somehow distance myself from the entire subject. Too bad it’s election season.

Mr. McClung

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