Lesson One – Spirit Week, pt. Duex

As the basketball season starts to draw to a close, this next week with be our last spirit week of the year. We will play our cross-town rivals, Ramay, next Thursday…and to get ready we will have themed days each day next week. Monday will be blue and white day, Tuesday is Red and Pink day, Wednesday is mix-match day, Thursday is Duct-Tape day, and Friday is purple day.

Lesson Two – Track Weather

Here in Arkansas we have experienced unseasonably harm weather lately…and it is really messing up my track season. Trying to plan for track practice is really difficult when you have 60 degree weather one day and 20 degrees the next day. I suppose the moral of this lesson is that I’m ready for spring and some more consistent weather patterns.

Lesson Three – Catchy Headlines

In the past two days conversations at school have been dominated by recent accusations of a school administrator at another school in our district. In class we talk about the media quite a bit and how they may over sensationalize from time to time to make a catchy headline. Today I just want to remind everyone to look beyond the headlines a bit and try to obtain reliable information because sometimes headlines can be misleading…have a great weekend.

Mr. McClung

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