Lesson One – LMS

Monday was a tough day at school. Not necessarily because anything bad happened, but mainly due to what was going on outside…snow. Several school districts around us had closed due to road conditions, however we did not and that did not set well with the kids. We had many absences that day and therefore made teaching class very difficult. So I did what any self respecting teacher would do, I spent a large majority of the class ranting about Facebook and my own personal pet peeves…a airing of grievances, if you will. Of course this got a lot of traction with my kids and they were very vocal about their own pet peeves as well.

Lesson Two – Final Stand

Last night was the final home game for our Woodland boys basketball team, and it was quite a game. The 9th grade team played one of the best teams in the conference and won the game on a last second shot. It was an great final home stand for this group of 9th graders and you can see the last second shot by clicking here.

Lesson Three – Presidential Treatment

We will not be in school on Monday due to President’s Day. So rejoice, sleep in, and play Xbox…I know I will.

Mr. McClung

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