Lesson One…

Act like you know has somehow become my unofficial slogan for teaching, coaching, and life in general…however, today it became official. On our morning announcements usually end with either a quote of the day or an interesting fact and today I made the quote of the day thanks to one of my cross country runners. He used my unofficial official slogan and gave me credit it for it on the announcements…which sparked the question, “what does that even mean?”

I have never really given it much thought in the past, it was just a slogan that I have always thought to be cool. Urban dictionary, the source of all reliable information, defines it as a way to tell someone that they “better recognize”  or to simply play along and act like you know what’s going on. I like the latter of the two. To me the action of acting like you know simply means to always play it cool no matter the situation.

Lesson Two – Did You Know…

In class earlier this week we were reviewing our notes and one of our students, Caroline M., decided to play a trick on the rest of her group members. During the middle of our pair share activity there was a question that something to the extent of what was significant about the Battle of Pea Ridge. To which she explained everyone in her group that the first ever pumpkin was discovered there…and somehow they all believed it. So much so that one even repeated the explanation to the rest of the class as serious as she could be…and she was made fun of extensively in class and is now made it to lessons learned. You’re welcome.

Lesson Three – Spring Break

Don’t come to school this next week because you will be the only one there…this next week will be spring break for us here in Arkansas. We will return to class on March 26th, enjoy the break.

Mr. McClung

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