Some time ago I made a commitment to my dear friend Mr. Lamshed that I would join in his efforts to support cancer research. As I’ve stated before, Mr. Lamshed and his students participate in an annual event called Clippers for Cancer. During this event his students raise money for the McGuinness McDermott Foundation for childhood cancer research. Inspired by the efforts of Mr. Lamshed and the work of his students, I have too decided to get involved with a charitable organization for the second year in a row.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a foundation that is dedicated to breast cancer research and serves as the largest breast cancer research foundation in the world. All over the US this foundation holds regional events called “Race for the Cure” in which people turn out to show support for this foundation and raise boat loads of money that support breast cancer research. Our class will be joining the many that support this cause by creating a team for the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure event that will be coming up April 28th.

Anyone can create a team for this event and raise money, I have created a team under the name of “Mr. McClung’s Class”. The idea is to recruit as many members as possible and collect as many donations as possible. How do you do this? Very simple…

  • Visit our team page at :
  • Find the button located to the right of the page that says “Join Team”
  • Register yourself and choose an event to take part in
    • The events include a 5k race, self timed walk, bark for a cure, etc…
  • Can’t make it to the race, but still want to be on our team?
    • There is an event called “sleep in for a cure”, you can join this event and make a $25 donation without even showing up
  • Don’t wanna join the team but you want to help out?
    • Not a problem, there is also a button located on the right side of the paged labeled “Donate to This Team”, There you can donate your desired amount to our team

Based on the success of last years fundraiser for Komen for The Cure, I have set a fundraising goal of $2,500 for my class…which is a goal that I think we will be able to achieve. Oh yeah, there is one more thing I forgot to mention…head shavings. Each year I use this fundraiser as a chance to create a class competition among my students. The class that raises the highest amount of money for the race will get the opportunity to shave my head during class. Quite a prize huh? I will also be asking my male students to join me in head shaving excitement to raise awareness for this cause, and the ladies will be going pink as they will be ditching the clippers and opting for pink hair dye.

Mr. McClung

5 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen For The Cure”

  1. Sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to see how you go. If you get to the big shave, I WANT VIDEO! Good luck. Raising for charity gives you a great feeling and creates a brilliant vibe in the classroom. Keep us updated. It looks like our Clippers for Cancer event total will be nearly $6000.00.

  2. Mr. McClung:

    I am one of Dr. Strange’s EDM students. What a great way to get your students involved with charities! I’m not sure how it is in Arkansas, but I know in Alabama before you can graduate you have to do a certain number of community service hours. I’m pretty sure running/walking a 5k race would count! I think it is important to teach our students to give back and help out because we live in such a “me” centered society now it seems. I was wondering, did your students get to have any part in choosing the charity? I know you said you were inspired by Mr. Lamshed to help with cancer research, but there are so many from which to choose. Well, I wish your team the best of luck and I will try and donate before the 30th.

  3. Hi Mr. McClung!
    I am one of Dr. Strange’s EDM310 students. I love how you introduce your students to such a variety of life experiences. These are the things they will always remember! Becoming responsible and caring citizens is such an important lesson to instill in children when they are young. I imagine they will be extremely proud of their contribution and that sense of accomplishment will encourage them to give and share in the future. I’m so glad Dr. Strange has introduced us to your blog so that we can draw inspiration from your classroom.

  4. Hi Mr. McClung,
    It’s great that you are part of a fundraiser that has helped so many women, men, and the research for cancer. It’s also great how you have encouraged your students to get involve with the fundraiser. I’m quite sure that your students will always remember this event. I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama.

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