6 thoughts on “The Gift That Keeps On Giving…”

  1. I think this sounds like such a fantastic cause! I hope you will video and share when the lucky person gets to shave Mr McKlungs head! I am glad for him that you are heading into summer – he might not feel the cold as quickly!

    How have you managed to raise the money? We are looking at a similar project later in our school year and we would love some hints.

    Ms Bee

    1. Do I feel silly!!!!???? I have just begun to read your blog properly and scrolled down to spy the videos! Very funny to watch! Sorry I didn’t scroll down to start with but I guess that is what many blog readers do… read the most recent post before they decide if they want to read more?

      I may need to discuss that with my scoopers a little more.

      Ms Bee

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