Lesson One – Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

A few weeks back I ran my 2nd half marathon ever…while I am not fast at all, I was proud of my performance that day. Right about that time I had a student telling me that I looked like this photogenic guy that has been on the news lately. At the time I didn’t pay this much attention until I saw him and realized that this student must suffer from extreme vision impairment. Apparently this guy has been all over the guys because he has an incredible ability to run and still pretty much look like the man…a trait very few have. I now fully understand how hard it is to look as good as he does while running when I received the proofs back from the photographer that was working my particular half marathon. Upon sharing the pictures with my wife her immediate response was “you look like death”…which I did not take offense to, because I second the motion myself.

Lesson Two – Black Out

Friday is the culmination of our month long fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and it will conclude with my winning class getting the opportunity to shave my head. To celebrate this event I am asking my students to wear their matching race for the cure shirts tomorrow for our second annual “black out”. The idea is that the kids how up to school in our black t-shirts and raise awareness for the effort we are putting in with this fundraiser…there will be plenty of updates to come.

Lesson Three – Boozehounds

For the majority of the week we have been discussing the topic of booze…specifically we have been discussing the prohibition movement in the early 1900’s and how government still controls alcohol consumption to some extent in our present day. Today we will continue this conversation by discussing the wet v. dry county debate.

Mr. McClung

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