On Friday my 4th period class was officially crowned the champions of this year’s class competition for our fundraiser benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Their class raised $700 and won the right to shave my head during class on Friday…here’s how it went down.

In phase one you can see that I started with a nice head of hair. I had been working on this particular harvest of hair since March and was feeling pretty good about it. I had my combing gelling methods down to an art and then 4th period had to ruin it.

In phase two, or half time, you can see that my hair started to resemble a dog with mange. While this group of students did earn style points for my half time do, they did manage to make me look at terrible as possible…on a side note, notice my smile is starting to fade.

In past years I never really gave much thought to being bald after this fundraiser and even thought that it was a “good look” for me to sport for a short time. However, this year the fluorescent of my head after a long track season has made me realize that this is and never will be a good look for me. I am very much ready for my hair to grow back so that my doom can go back into hiding.

Mr. McClung

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