Lesson One – Running Man

Cross country try-outs were held this past week and we had quite a turn out. Over 60 kids showed up this week to try-out for cross country…which is by far the most that I have ever had try-out. Our program is growing rapidly and we are continually getting better each year. I am very pleased with the number of students that are interested in running and I am very much looking forward to the coming season.

Lesson Two – Speaking The English

We have started a new routine in my hour room class. Each day Kaylee starts us out with a story about her life…usually something involving her multitude of animals. The other day the topic of English was brought up to which Kaylee asked the very important question about whether or not every is born speaking English…and of course this conversation dominated at least 10 minutes of class time.

Lesson Three – The McClungs Are Coming…

With only two weeks left until the McClungs, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. The McClungs is an awards ceremony that takes place in my classroom every year. This all started two years ago when I realized that our 8th grade awards ceremony was pretty lame so I decided to hold my own. the selection process to win a McClungs is very intense…some time in the next two weeks I will sit down in front of my computer for about 15 minutes and make up about 10 awards per class. And that’s it.

The ceremony will be on the 17th and make sure to dress extra fancy, it is a black tie affair.

Mr. McClung

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