Lesson One – Return of the Brad

Couple of months ago one of our dear friends at school relocated to Indiana because their parents got a new job. Brad has been one of my runners for two years now and ever since he left our school we have definitely felt a void on our XC team. Today Brad is back in the house visiting us for one day only. It has been very nice to see him back in school and all of us here are glad to see him back in our halls. So Brad, we salute you and make sure to visit again soon.

Lesson Two – Final Count Down

As we get closer to the end of school, it’s important to remember a few finial reminders before we call it quits this school year. The most important of which is the McClungs, which will be held on May 17th…remember, it’s a black tie affair. Also all fees and fines need to be squared away before finals week in order to eligible for early dismissal. Also make sure to check the schedule for finals and know where you are going that week. 7th period final will be on the 21st, 1st and 2nd period finals will be the 22nd, 3rd and 4th will be the 23rd, and 5th and 6th will be held on the 24th.

Lesson Three – Shutting Down the Stock Market

Today we will call an end to our stock market challenge, do a final tally, and crown a winner. Students have been keeping track of stocks for about a week now and have been counting their loses and gains as we go along. Big winners and losers are few and far between but today we are expecting to have a few big numbers…stay tuned.

Mr. McClung

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