Today we celebrated the 3rd annual McClung Awards! The McClungs is the most prestigious awards ceremony in all of education. It all started three years ago when I decided that the normal school awards ceremonies were a bit lame because they only recognize the top tier students academically. So I decided to host my own award show and give awards for whatever I deem necessary. Students are given awards not solely based on their academic ability but also for their personality and work effort as well. The videos below are acceptance speeches from both current and former students.

Euguene accepting his Swag Award

Mason accepting the Snooze Button Award

Harry accepting the Most Time Spent in The Plenty Box Award

Blake accepting his Ironman Award and reflecting on his tough childhood in Utah.

Tamas…doing “it”

Chase accepting his Ironman Award

This year was by far the largest awards so we have ever had with the number of attendees per period ranging from 30-50. We had special guest attend the show and also former students who are still at Woodland and other students who are currently at FHS. This was a great way to end the year and I could not be more happy with the 2012 addition of the McClungs.

Mr. McClung

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