Somehow I missed summer…it literally seems like just yesterday I packing up for the summer and getting ready to slip into summer mode. Now I find myself staring at a calendar noticing that I have less than a week left until teachers report back to work. Upon coming to this realization I began to reflect on what I have actually accomplished this summer…or what I didn’t accomplish that was on my list.

I Heard You Got a Job…

So…I got a new job this summer. That is the line that I have repeated so many times this summer. The biggest development for me this summer has been the fact that I am leaving Woodland in order to become an assistant principal at Leverett Elementary School in Fayetteville. While I have enjoyed my time at Woodland so much, I am looking forward to becoming an assistant principal.

One thing that I have thought a lot about this summer was how am I going to move forward with my blog and how does my digital voice change now? While I still have not fully come to grasp with the answer to these questions I am sure that I want to make sure that I continue my blog in the future. I feel like have a platform to reflect on has made me a better educator and I can’t see myself moving into a new profession and not continuing to use the same tools that have made me successful in the first place.

Don Draper School of Business

I have a tendency to fixate on things and this summer that “thing” was the TV series Mad Men. This summer I have put together an amazing streak of watching the first 4 seasons of the series…and the only reason I only watched 4 was because that’s all Netflix had to offer. So needless to say, with all of this TV watching going on, I have spent many hours on the coaching watching Don Draper do work day in and day out. While the amount of TV I have watched this summer is borderline embarrassing, I have taken notice to how the business men and the show conduct themselves and have taken many mental notes on etiquette and dress…I’m sure this will come in handy.


One of the biggest things that I have had to adjust to now that I am not longer a teacher or coach is how to get my runs in during the day. Usually I have a ton of XC kids who hold me accountable for such things, but now that I am no longer their coach I find myself running alone quite a bit. So this summer I have picked my miles up considerably and made sure that any spare time I have is devoted to running.

Mr. McClung

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