Lesson One – Tis The Season

Every year, when the political climate is just right, I try to post one of my favorite videos regarding politics. There becomes a certain point during election time where a person can get very overwhelmed with the rhetoric and the pandering that goes on…it’s enough to drive you crazy.

Lesson Two – Dress Your Age, Part II

Early this school year I was reminded of a very valuable lesson that was originally taught to me years ago. During week two of the school year I showed up on a Friday in my casual attire…jeans and a flannel. Everything was going well until I encountered a 5th grade student who promptly informed me that I “dressed like a teenager”. Quite a blow to the ego.

Lesson Three – Is It Basketball Season Yet?

As it turns out the Arkansas football team is not quite as good as everyone once thought. After dropping two games early on in the season it seems as if all is lost…and as you might guess, people in this state are taking it very well. Football talk has definitely dominated everyone’s conversations around town and has left me wishing for a bye week.

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