Finally the day has come.

Although I do complain about politics during the election season, I do enjoy the election itself and the teaching moments that it can provide in education…that’s the social studies teacher in me. Here at Leverett we have used this opportunity to introduce some election themed lessons/activities. The image above was from our 5th grade classes and shows their mock election results using the Studies Weekly website. Students in grades 3-5 used the website to cast their vote for who they believed should be our next president.

Last week we also held elections for our student council as well. Students in grades 3-5 got the opportunity to take part in the election process as they voted for president, vice president, secretary, and class representatives. Students that ran for these offices were asked to campaign for a week before the election and then perform a speech in front of their peers. The video above is of our student council president, Topher, giving his speech last Friday.

Mr. McClung

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  1. I LOVE the idea of getting students involved, and I think that schools should be required to do this during an election. Not only were you allowing kids to actively learn about our government, you were allowing them to use technology. Such a great idea!

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