After a long hiatus, I thought it was time to touch base on my website and give some quick updates…lessons learned style. Since the last time that I logged we have all become smarter. Some more than others, but specifically my kindergarten students have become smarter. On February 1st kindergarteners at Leverett celebrated the 100th day of school. This is a very exciting celebration that is very unique to elementary world. Teachers held parties in their classrooms to celebrate this occasion and students had a blast.

This past week we also celebrated our annual international festival. One of the great aspects of our school is the cultural diversity that we have at our school. Over 25 countries are representing in our school population and these students and their families help us during this by setting up booths kind of like an impromptu cultural lesson. Also in the time leading up the this festival students study a variety of cultures and listen to guest speakers from the University of Arkansas.

During international festival, our 5th grade students sold hand made goods in an effort to raise money for hurricane Sandy relief efforts. proceeds from the hand made goods went directly to a school district in New Jersey and gave our students a wonderful way to lend a helpful hand from so far away.

Lastly, back in January we celebrated Fun at Work Day…well, kinda. We had a cake made to celebrate this belated occasion, the day after, and just so happen to have a staff meeting that day. Which come to think of it, isn’t everyday a belated Fun at Work Day?

Mr. McClung

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