One of the most beneficial, and popular, uses of G Suite among school leaders is leveraging Forms and Sheets in order to move to a paperless office. This can include building paperless referral systems, check in/out systems, and streamlining communication. Embedded above is a Slidedeck that highlights how you can create your own referral system, or paperless system, using G Suite for Education. In addition to the Slidedeck itself, I also wanted to provide a few points to go along with the presentation.

Defining the System

There are essentially two parts to the ground work in preparing to move your system to a paperless system. First of all, you have to have a solid definition of the system and the purpose the electronic service will serve. For the example that I have, we had to first do work in regards to defining discipline for our school. When I first implemented our current system at our school, we began with taking time to line out what discipline is for our school. Meaning, we had to develop our own common language or understandings of how discipline and behaviors are translated in our school. This is an important step because a philosophy and common understanding has to be established first before any meaningful progress can be made.

Build the System

After you have laid the ground work, then it is time to construct your paperless system. Important considerations are making sure that your common language and understandings from your definition phase have to be reflected in your new system. Then once you also have to determine how do the key players fit into the system? If you are building an automated system for referrals, you need to make determinations as to who will be notified without your organization. Using the Sheets Add-on Formmule will help you accomplish this very easily.

Joe McClung

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