Found some great information about earthquakes on the USGS (United States Geological Survey) website. This is a website that updates constantly throughout the day and gives the most recent earthquake activity in the entire world. You can look through several maps and check out any earthquake activity (big or small) in the past hour, day, or week. Notice the map below and notice how much movement there is in Arkansas to the south of us, and the Boot Heal of Missouri.

There is also an interactive map 7-day map you can check out on their website. This map allows you to look at location, time, and magnitude of all these earthquakes. There is also a world map available.

U.S. Map:

World Map:

Mr. McClung

2 thoughts on “All Shook Up”

  1. now listen up kids! if your ever in a earthquake don’t jump into a river. It’s a fact that rivers run backwards during earthquakes. I guess Huck Finn would be in trouble. You know what I mean!

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