On Friday, our sixth graders kicked off what is going to be our celebration of Christmas around the world. In the next two weeks in social studies, our students will be studying how Christmas is celebrated in different countries by different cultures (feel free to comment about how YOU celebrate).

Our students part of Friday afternoon building reindeer out of construction paper and other materials….and as you see from the picture they enjoyed eating candy canes as well. More pictures and post to come in the next week in regards to Christmas around the world.

This week in science class, we are looking to finish with our study of earthquakes. Before we do so though we will be studying convection in the earth’s mantle and how this can affect the shifting of Tectonic Plates….experiment, pictures and post coming Tuesday…ish. Only 18 days left until Christmas!

Mr. McClung

3 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit”

  1. Will do! Its in the low/mid 20’s here in centigrade. It gets into the mid to high 20’s in centigrade by the end of December. The other thing is that we have our big break from December 20th to January 28th for the Summer Holidays. I’ll get our students onto this in a couple of days, its a great idea!

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