Me, my wife, two dogs, one car loaded down like the Clampetts, and 18 short hours later we arrived in Hampton, Virgina for the Christmas with my wife’s family. Been in town since Sunday “morning”, and has been pretty uneventful thus far. However, there is so much history in this entire area. While there is so much history in this area, so much of it has been destroyed due to conflicts during the American Civil War.

The city of Hampton was founded in 1607 by English settlers, and is the oldest English speaking city in America, and largely serves as a port town with the nearby ocean and James River. Also of note, Hampton suffered misfortune during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as it was burned to the ground during both of these wars. Hampton is also the home of Langley Airforce Base, NASA Langley Resource Center, and Virgina Air and Space Center.

Things are going great thus far, enjoying my break and I hope all my students are as well. Very short entire for today, more post to come…..on tap for the next few days, heading to Williamsburg and Yorktown after Christmas, and planning a trip to Washington D.C. before the New Year.

One day left, I hope everyone has a great Christmas, best wishes.

Mr. McClung

One thought on “Christmas Vacation Update: Hampton, VA”

  1. Mr.McClung i have had a great break. For Christmas i got a motor bike,mp3 player,and a new earring. I will get the rest of my presents in Feburary and my new cellphone.

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